A note from the author.

A year and a half – nearly to the day – has past since I sat down to write this book, only this wasn’t the book that I sat down to write. That book would have to wait as this one wouldn’t. Some stories are like that and scream out from the unwritten page not only demanding to be written but then proceeding to dictate and direct the story itself from the comfort of my overused and slightly disheveled notebook. While they tend to be stories fraught with emotion, they also tend to be the most fun to read, and I hope you find this remarkable tale of first love to be as fun to read as I found it a challenge to write. In all sincerity, this has been the most gratifying story that I’ve ever had the privilege to put to paper, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for gold.

“A Canter of the Heart” is the wonderfully romantic, humorous and inspirational story of a beautiful para-equestrian from a farm in Boyanup, West Australia, her chance romantic encounter with a handsome American naval flight officer and her hilarious and heartfelt journey across the globe in pursuit of her one true love. This one of a kind love story will have you cantering for more.

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